Property Owners Wanted

We are currently looking for UK based land and property owners who are willing to consider a renewable energy, or a battery storage project on their property.


Battery storage;

In order to support grid stability and make it possible to allow a larger percentage of power to be produced by renewable energy, we are looking for land owners, (both urban and rural) with between half an acre and an acre of spare land to be used to house battery storage systems. We are looking to enter into long term lease agreements . The batteries will typically be housed in sea containers, but any existing agricultural or commercial buildings can be considered.

We are in particular looking for brown field sites or existing agricultural farm yards, and we can offer about £ 15,000 –  25,000 per acre per year, increasing with RPI, depending on the suitability of the site.

For these projects we have partnered with Low Carbon Limited (


PV development;

We are currently laying the ground works for development of large ground mounted PV projects, which will produce subsidy free PV power from 2017 onwards. For this we are looking for suitable land holdings bigger than 30 acres (upto 300 acres). The land should be outside Greenbelts, AONB’s and National Parks, and must have an agricultural grade of grade 3 or lower.

A typical land rent is for these ground mounted PV-systems is £ 800/acre, but is depending on grid connection costs and light levels.


Rents will increase with RPI in time, and terms of lease contracts are typically for a 25 year period plus an optional, additional 10 year land lease.

After engaging with us we will typically first research the possibilities to connect to the grid as this is rather problematic at the moment. This research takes usually 90 days. When the grid situation turns out to be favourable, we will design a system, and after that we will sign an option and lease contract on the land.

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